BRUNCH Menu Friday - Sunday 9am - 1pm

The Sun also Rises    14                    

5oz fresh squeezed orange juice, two organic scrambled eggs with Parmigiano Reggiano, smoked ham, Camembert, baguette, whole-grain bread, butter

For Whom the Bell Tolls   15   vegan         
Organic Baguette, Müsli vegan, seared marinated tofu and tomato salad                    

Eggs Benedict    14 - 15             
2 organic eggs served on two halves of an English muffin topped with house-made hollandaise sauce
Eggs Benedict classic - with ham    14
Eggs Benedict
Amore - with baked Pancetta   
Eggs Benedict
Florentine - with Spinach   
Eggs Benedict
Hemingway - with Salmon   15
Eggs Benedict
Royal - with real Crab meat   18
Eggs Benedict  - mix toppings   18

The old Man and the Sea     16                
Smoked salmon, crabmeat salad, two organic scrambled eggs, baguette, whole-grain  bread and butter

Soup of the day       7

Szegedin Goulash     19 

braised pork in Sauerkraut cream sauce served with baguette                    

Small Salad     5

with Balsamico-Honey dressing or Gorgonzola dressing                                     
Moroccan Lamb     23

served with Basmati rice
stew from local Lamb from Niihau, served with sour cream and fresh cilantro                        

Chocolate Pot de Creme     8               

Panna Cotta      7   


Sweet Crêpes    9 - 11

stuffed with Nutella  

Nutella and fresh strawberries – à la Leilani   Nutella and bananas  

Sweet condensed milk and bananas  

Cinnamon and sugar  

Lemon juice, sugar and butter  

Wild Blueberry jam and whip  


Sweet Croissants  

with organic Hawaiian honey and butter     4

with organic jam and butter      4

plain      2.50

with butter     3       

For all our breakfast we offer our house baked gluten free bread for an addtional     2

True at first Light      15               

omelet with Mozzarella, basil and tomatoes, house Muesli, Italian Mozzarella, baguette, whole-grain bread, butter


Paris      7                  

Croissant, baguette, butter, honey, strawberry marmalade and cream cheese


Venice      14                       

Two organic scrambled eggs with ParmigianoReggiano, goat cheese with Mediterranean relish, baguette, whole-grain bread and butter


Pamplona      10                       

Two organic scrambled eggs on spinach andtomatoes, baguette and butter


The Nest      12

Poached egg on whole grain breadnest, topped with house-made Hollandaise and Chilli-Cilantro dipp

Quiche of the Day     8.50

Fresh Baked - available while they last! 

Served with salad and balsamico-honey  or Gorgonzola  dressing      12


Caprese     10

Tomatoes, basil and Mozzarella are best friends ever. With Baguette   

Greek Yogurt Dream     4.50                
garnished with fresh fruits   


Oatmeal in milk with yogurt, fruits, nuts and honey      
Vegan Muesli     6

with almond milk, fruits, nuts and maple syrup                                    
Crabmeat Cocktail     11

Real crabmeat with homemade wasabi-ginger mayonnaise   

Savory Crêpes     11

Smoked salmon, tomato relish and sour cream  

Goat cheese and mediterranian relish 

Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and olive oil  

Ham and aged Gouda   

Savory Croissants

with aged Gouda cheese     6                  
with ham and aged Gouda cheese, homemade honey mustard mayonnaise      6.50

with ham, organic scrambled eggs, tomato and lettuce     9
with ham and aged Gouda, organic scrambled eggs, tomato and lettuce     10
with aged Gouda, organic scrambled eggs, tomato and lettuce     9                   

with goat cheese, salmon and green onions    10

BRUNCH Menu Monday - Thursday 9am - 1pm

Croissant  w/ Cheese   $6.50
baked Croissant with aged Gouda

Croissant  w/ Ham & Cheese   $8
baked Croissant with organic ham + aged Gouda

Croissant  w/ Egg & Cheese   $9
baked Croissant with organic eggs + aged Gouda

Croissant  w/ Ham & Eggs   $9

Croissant  w/ Ham & Eggs & Cheese   $10

Croissant w/ Butter   $4

sweet Croissants   $5
w/ honey or jam or nutella

2 organic eggs scrambled   $5

Mixed Greens w/ house-made Gorgonzola dressing   $8.50

Mixed Greens w/ house-made Honey-Balsamico Vinegraitte   $7.50

Greek Yoghurt Dream w/ fresh fruits   $6.50

Baguette w/ Butter   $3.50

GF Bread w/ Butter   $4.50

sides / cream cheese or honey, jam, nutella $1

Eggs Benedict                     

2 organic eggs served on two halves of an English muffin topped with house-made hollandaise sauce and lettuce


Classic w/ Ham    $14

Hemingway w/ Salmon   $15

España w/  Avocado & roasted tomatoes   $17

America w/ Bacon    $14

Amore w/ Pancetta   $14

Soup de jour    $7


Moroccan Lamb with Basmati rice   $23

stew made of local Lamb from Niihau, served with sour cream & fresh cilantro


English BLG   $9

English muffin with bacon, lettuce, tomato and homemade Guacomole


Crepé with strawberry and/or blueberry reduction   $13


Quiche de jour   $8.50


Quiche de jour with local greens  $11.50

Dinner Menu Friday - Sunday 6pm - 9pm

Weekend Night


The dinner menu changes depending on the fresh ingredients we get from farmers

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