As Mint Kauai we would like our idea of healthy eating here in Kauai to become contagious.

The aim of the project is to put more real local food on local plates.

We have rented 1 and ½ acres of farmland in Wailua, in order to build up a training program. An edible garden, which will show the diversity of edible plants available in Kauai will emerge. 

Our Satisfaction is deeper then the pleasure in food, which leads us out oft he kitchen to the farm

Mint Kauai the farm
We want to re-think things.  Our vision of the garden is alive and inventive. The garden is a free area, where wild growing plants can grow, and the intervention of man is minimal. 
In the middle of the farm, there will be an open kitchen, surrounded by a mandala garden.

Food – Identity– Responsibility

We are creating a research center, which produces health and diverse products from a healthy soil, and is understandable and accessible for everyone. The goal of the cooking garden is to teach people how important healthy eating is, how diverse and delicate it can be and how they can produce their own real food.   We want to support the importance of using products grown in Kauai.
Training about healthy eating habits with the use of local resources.
Research kitchen used to create new recipes from local foods and to promote them to people.
NO GMOs & Toxic Pesticides
Mint Kauai fights on the farm against GMOs, Toxic Food and processed food.​ We are producing own organic soil and cooking everything from scratch
Just eat real food!
You cruise down the aisle of most any grocery store, and what you're seeing -- despite what you might think -- isn't properly called just "food."
Most of those items are what we've come to know as processed food. Cookies, crackers, cereal, even yogurt, crammed with various chemicals that'll let it sit on the shelf for a good long time, all the while containing enough sugar and salt to make it taste good.
Processed foods make up 70 percent of the U.S. diet​
Just eat real food!
1st Markus planted Breadfruit tree

One breadfruit, which weighs around 3kg provides the carbohydrate portion of a meal for a family of five

It can be ground into flour

The fruit is rich in vitamins and is a source of protein. The protein in the fruit has a higher proportion of aminio acids than soy

Sowing And Spraying Trouble In Paradise:
How GMOs Are Destroying Kauai
Big Agriculture is wearing out its welcome on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, which is being used a major testing ground for genetically modified seeds and pesticides.
By Katie Rucke  
Breadfruit Curry
Breadfruit must be peeled, seeded and cut into chunks before being soaked in acidulated, salted water. Boil before cooking the fruit in the curry.
We also create our own organic compost at the farm.
This is done by regularly turning organic matter which helps to aerate it. The natural bacteria in the soil thrive in the heat of the compost and break it down. When compost reaches the humus stage, it is once again a living thing full of bacteria, fungi and insects. This ensures the biodiversity that is absolutely essential to the health of the soil and, in turn, the plants and crops by giving them a greater resistance to disease. 

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